Lrg Natural 6oz Cotton Bag 38x42cm - WHALES – Naturalli

Lrg Natural 6oz Cotton Bag 38x42cm - WHALES

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This Cotton Bag from Naturalli has long and short handles to help you to replace the plastic bags that are harmful to our planet.

Ideal to use for campaign, events, farm shops and grocery stores or just to look cool on your arm. 

I am strong and practical and featured, built to last and can be used time and time again.

An ideal "Bag for Life" rather than a plastic bag. The printed designs include sea-life block print designs and the logo, which is an info website about how cotton is good for the earth and eco-friendly. 

Imagine the good you will be doing to our planet by replacing the plastic bags with these Cotton Bags. 

Width: 38cm, Height 42cm, Lenght of the straps: 66cm, Weight 97g

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